Shine On The Darkness with Impacting the family beyond


Empowering the communities spiritually and economically in affected area of Ethiopia by showing the love of Jesus for all


To show the love of Jesus for all with great care, love and kindness by following Jesus example and care as Jesus. Shine on the darkness connecting the hearts of people with the heart of Jesus through empowering communities, love and kindness

Impact: to see Self-sustain communities

Core principle:-

Those who work on Shine On The Darkness project as coordinator, volunteers … need to focus on the love of Jesus and showing Jesus kindness to all communities. Introduction “Whatever you did to one of the least of these my brothers and sisters, you were doing unto me!” ~Matthew 25:35-40 Our work remains focused on the most vulnerable and poor living conditions, in all part of Ethiopia. We continue to maintain the personal volunteer’s involvement that has become the trademark for our vision. The unique selection/assessment process for beneficiaries to join our programs ensures we continue to select those individual who are the poorest of the poor and at the lowest levels of the community. We constantly challenge ourselves to be faithful followers of Jesus in our relationships and jobs. The upward and inward aspects of our life together provide us with the resources to reach out effectively to the world as the hands and feet of Jesus and to welcome people into a life-giving relationship with the Lord. In the book of Ecclesiastes 3:1, we read, “There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens.” For Ethiopian and Us team, 2020 was a time to see the poorest part of Ethiopian communities in selected areas. These highlights in this report however, serve to help you celebrate the goodness of God and to provide an awareness of where you yourselves can become involved in. We look forward to what God has in store for us. This ministry to the community is supported through the individual who share their meal for poor communities in Ethiopia (Shine on the darkness or impacting families beyond COVID). The love gift distributed come from monthly donations of families in US. The US Team works consistently and diligently to help and support families in need which is then distributed through the Ethiopian team. Thanks to the incredible team of people who initiate and overseeing this exciting project who are willing to help the poor in Ethiopia which are living in destitute area during this pandemic. We have attempted to do this in the power and leading of the Holy Spirit, who ought to receive credit. We are continuing to working in love for you as partners in Gospel work and life, always appreciating your trust in us as brother in Christ. What do we do Impact the family Beyond Project interventions Monthly love gift to the elderly Provide training (on small business) Aiming to empower individual in the project and leading them for sustainable business income for their daily income. Engaged families in small income generating schemes. Provide small grant for destitute families to start business and generate income for their living.Preparing and selling traditional coffeePreparing and selling different spices and sauce (Baltina)Preparing and selling chipSelling different plastic shoes and kids clothPreparing and selling ‘’injera’’Selling second hand clothes In mentoring a personal development relationship helps to guide a less experienced or less knowledgeable person. The mentor have a certain area of expertise for this case in business and communication skill. The aim of the mentorship is to help and guide Administratively, Encourage new volunteer to join the team continued to engage in and manage day-to-day administration, and help out the beneficiaries in so many ways. Setup meetings and discussion with the team and suggested team members for the project and updated information and report monthly encounter for all team Selection criteria’s for beneficiaries Elderly who dont have any support , and those their living condition is worse Some impact families’ thoughts With the support of this project beneficiaries like Fetiya who has been sharing space for living changed her life and currently she is rented her own house and living with her four kid – Mulu Tsegaye today she has running her own business to support her 5 kids and energetic and great-full. Aserabeb is so thankful and now expanded her business and become stable Challenge Most of the families are under bondage and very difficult to push them and engaged in small business (need continues prayer and mentoring )Uneducated and has fear to engage in business.Needs continues follow up and the team got difficulty to address all needs. Success The team are showing kindness, love and care what we learn from Jesus, and those families who are engaged in small business and ,  elderly who do not have any support are happy and very grateful and  giving thanks to God.

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