About Shine On The Darkness Mission

We have been working on:

Let’s bring our Bible to churchBreakfast with JesusSaving the lost with loveImpacting the families Beyond COVID19On our shine on the darkness media department; YouTube TV channel and Facebook we are working to create positive Impact on the community with our media by promoting pure gospel t as it is mentioned in the Bible Jhon 14:6 that “Jesus is the way , the truth and the life”.

Our Mission is to work with different community by encouraging and demonstrating the love of Jesus both by words and action. We the help of God we are working on supporting individuals with spiritual, financial, and emotional needs. As Our Lord Jesus showed as we will try to follow His example by: loving, caring, helping and being companionate to community around.

As God help us, we lift the fallen, feeding the poor, loving the unloved and reaching the unreached. Shine On The Darkness will creates different ways to reach out the community to share Jesus love and kindness by sharing pure gospel. Help the community to stand by themselves, training and equipping them. Support the community on what we can by creating sustainable development to build strong family and community. With the help of God, we do what we are created for to do.

“Keep shining Jesus wherever and whenever you see darkness “

Daniel Tamerat

“Whatever things we do in ministry, service, worship helping others, posts on the media, we need to make sure that it glorifies and magnify Jesus and Shine On The Darkness”

Shine On The Darkness Team

Shine on the darkness main mission is to take Jesus to the community with great love, care, kindness and compassion as Jesus commanded us. We have been working on different projects, campaign and movements to encourage the body of Christ to have true disciples who can go into the community by following our example Jesus who cares, love, and have compassion for all.

As the shine on the darkness ministry in order the body of Christ to have strong foundation and to have Biblical , moral value, we have been working on (let’s bring our Bible to church campaign) creating awareness on digital Bibles , (Breakfast with Jesus movement ) having meal with the least of the community to create bridge to listen their challenge (Saving the lost with love) project encouraging believers to share the gospel, (Everyday about Jesus or I can’t be quite about Jesus) social median campaign Christian community to write , say something about Jesus on the social media, and any place. Now wee have been working (impacting the family beyond COVID19 )& (shine on the darkness project)to help families finically and also creating small business for the least of the community by giving them training , counseling in the field of their interest. As there are many issues , multidirectional influence our generations are facing this days, that is why we say we need to take Jesus to the community with love care compassion to bring real solutions.

We believe in true worship as it is written on James 1:27

James 1:27, KJV: “Pure religion and undefiled before God and the Father is this, To visit the fatherless and widows in their affliction, and to keep himself unspotted from the world.”

Our Team Members

Daniel Bekele


Misgana Tesfaye


Wondiyarade Lakew


Mama Bezue


Azeb Tabor


Marta Abebe


Feben -organizer

Yenehete -organizer